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Oil spill clean up guide

Here we present answers to your questions about Oil Spill clean up. We also cover prevention, health and safety, clean-up, and spill response services.

Oil spill clean up guide

Questions you may have
What is an oil spill?
What is a spill prevention and response plan?
What are the environmental impacts of a loss of oil?
What are the health implications of an oil spill?
Can I clean up an oil spill myself?

Helpful advice
Preventing an oil spill
Stopping an oil leak
How to deal with an oil spill
What we can do for you
Oil spill response services
Oil tank maintenance
Storing fuel on site
Designing a tank bund

Case studies
Below are 3 case studies highlighting a brief description of the challenges and possible solutions available for dealing with an oil spill

Residential kerosene spill impacting Aberdeenshire watercourse

Following damage to an oil-feed line, approximately 2000 litres of kerosene was lost to ground at the rear of a residential property. Kerosene hit the… Download PDF

Farm red diesel spill impacting East Lothian watercourse

Soilutions received an emergency call from a Farmer reporting a 1,000 litre red diesel spill, diesel was entering the local irrigation channel used by all… Download PDF

Removal of hydrocarbon impacted materials, Aberdeenshire residence

Soilutions were called in to assess the extent of impact from an oil leak in the rear garden of a residential property. Approximately 500 litres… Download PDF

If you have any further questions, or if you need anything clarified, please do get in touch and we’ll be very happy to help you further.



Oil spill preparation and response

Preparing for an oil spill is very important, but most people only recognise how important once they’ve had one. It can be very costly in time and money if you’re not prepared. This free eBook will help you understand the whats, the whys and the hows of oil spill response in the simplest terms.