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Nuclear Decommissioning

As an SME we received mentoring through the NDA ‘Mentoring Scheme’ and are members of the Scottish SME working group.

Nuclear Decommissioning

We specialise in solving your soil and water contamination issues.  From site investigations through to designing and implementing remediation systems we’ve got the experience to deal with the challenges you face and the commitment and quality to provide a great service in a challenging environment.

We undertook training to allow us to work within the NDA estate in a safe and competent manner delivering the quality service that we currently provide to our existing client base.

We operate an OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety system with no reportable incidents or accidents and being an Environmental company we also operate an ISO 14001 system and strive to find remedial solutions where the Best Environmental Technique can be employed.  These two systems are combined in to our Integrated Management System together with our ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System where we maintain records of our performance, training, objectives, etc.

We always recommend discussing your site challenges with us first, this gives us all a chance to discuss with you alternative options, such as deploying a long term treatment technique, that can provide significant cost savings, environmental benefits and be deployed in and around your existing and challenging delivery programme.

Please check out our resources section for a list of our free White Papers including ‘Everything you want to know about soil remediation but were too afraid to ask’.  If you browse the services section you’ll also find details of the services which we offer.