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Remedial Options Appraisal

Remedial Options Appraisal will answer your questions and identify appropriate routes forward

Remedial Options Appraisal

An options appraisal is a great tool for everyone, if you don’t know where to start, or you know what you want and you need the costs and timeframes, use our experience to produce an appraisal which answers all of your questions.

We often find that remedial solutions involve a combination of remedial technologies.

We always recommend discussing your site with us first, this gives us all a chance to find out if an Options Appraisal can be carried out with the information you already have and assess if it is a worthwhile investment for you.

Our Remedial Options Appraisals are designed to answer your questions and identify-

  • appropriate routes forward (including ‘do nothing’)
  • risks and benefits for each route
  • cost
  • timeframes

Please check out our resources section for a list of our free eBooks including ‘Everything you want to know about soil remediation but were too afraid to ask’.  If you browse the services section you’ll also find details of the services that we offer.