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How much does contaminated soil disposal cost?

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How much does contaminated soil disposal cost?

There are several parts to this question;

– Site costs (including but not limited to, excavator hire, welfare provision, security, etc, etc)

If you have a large volume of material then clearly a bigger excavator, or even 2 or 3 will be required. But watch out if you have a small volume as smaller excavators often do not have the reach to load a typical 8-wheeled tipper lorry.

Haulage rates (totally dependant on distance to disposal site)

Normally hauliers will levy a waiting time fee if it takes longer than say 15 minutes to load the lorry.

Some disposal sites will permit articulated lorries though many traditional landfill sites will not (as they have a tendency to fall over when on soft ground…!).

For small volumes you may want to consider using roll-on-off skips or builder skips. These can be loaded by mini excavators and scissor dumpers.

– Landfill site gate fees (how much the site will charge you per tonne for disposal)

Correct waste classification is vital here. We often see waste soils classified as being Hazardous when in fact they can be correctly classified as being Non-Hazardous.

Hazardous soil disposal rates vary across the country from around £40/t – £150/t depending on the type of contamination and volume. Essentially the greater the volume the better gate fee you will get.

Non-hazardous soil disposal again varies across the country from around £10/t – £50/t. The higher rate is indicative of soil treatment centres where Landfill Tax may not be applicable.

– Landfill tax (LFT) (standard rate £102.10 per tonne as of April 2023 / Lower rate £3.25 per tonne)

For some disposal sites LFT is not applicable, providing considerable savings.

If in doubt or need more help why not give us a call on 0131 538 8456 or email us as we have close relations with many landfill operators and national hauliers, allowing us to give you preferential rates.

Have you thought about treating your soil and retaining it on site…?  Give us a call if you want more info.



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