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Mobile Orchards

So what's all this about...? To promote the reuse of contaminated soils that we (Soilutions) have cleaned up we've decided to grow apple trees in…

Mobile Orchards

So what’s all this about…?

To promote the reuse of contaminated soils that we (Soilutions) have cleaned up we’ve decided to grow apple trees in specially made bags full of recycled soil and the Scottish Government have kindly given us permission to place the trees on one of their brownfield sites in Granton, Edinburgh.

Initially 96 trees have been planted in transportable 600mm x 600mm x 600mm bags that have been custom-made with impermeable sides and a permeable base, together with in built lifting strops.  A further four trees were placed in wooden planters made from recycled pallets, which were used to promote the business concept in the Honey Tent at the Royal Highland Show in 2015.

Discussions with local community groups are ongoing with the aim that they can produce wooden planters from scrap timber.  The long term aim is grow/graft our own trees and sell these with the wooden planters both online and through retail outlets.

Our goal is to reproduce the concept of mobile orchards at strategically located sites across the UK where they will enhance the local area, provide employment and ultimately produce fruit juice or even cider…!

We’ve also located a bee hive at the orchard to promote the pollination of the tress, assist in the reversal of the decline in bees and provide us with honey for our early morning porridge.

If you want to learn more about this project please drop us a line or go old school and phone us on 0131 538 8456.



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