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Engineered Solutions

Engineering will always produce a great solution to any issue, or at least that's what our Civil Engineers say, and it's hard to argue with them.

Engineered Solutions

An alternative to treatment or disposal options is to engineer out the issue.  Contamination problems are identified using a concept known as Source -> Pathway -> Receptor.  The Source is the contamination, the Receptor is something (s) which are/may be effected by the contamination, and the way the contaminant meets the receptor is the Pathway e.g. direct contact with the contaminant.  The engineering answer is to stop the contaminant getting to the receptor.

Engineered solutions

The most common engineering solution is a ‘Capping Layer’ which involves blocking the pathway with a physical layer.  Designing these layers to British Standard can result in combinations of clay mats, anti-dig membrane, gas membrane, aggregates and soils.  We’re here to help design and/or install them, contact us on 0131 538 8456 or drop us an e-mail.