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Soil Disposal

This can be the simplest solution to contaminated land, excavate, haul and dispose of the contaminated soils.

Soil Disposal

Life used to be as simple as excavate, haul and dispose of the contaminated soils before the landfill tax escalator was introduced and environmental responsibilities started to grow, soil disposal is still a viable option, it’s just no where near as cheap as it used to be.

The route to soil disposal starts with classifying the waste, however something we can do for you.

Following classification you need to find a place which will accept your waste, and find a location which gives you the best value for money.  Pre-treatment can be required before disposal, something which we specialise in.

Don’t forget the re-instatement costs in your budget.

Soil disposal

The good news is that the result of the landfill tax escalator has been the development of soil treatment centres across the UK, facilities which treat your waste soils at prices which are generally much less than landfill.  Finding the right disposal site, whether it’s landfill (including tax exempt sites), treatment centres, or incinerators, we have the knowledge to find the best one for you.

Minimising the volume of contaminated soils can also be done to great effect, see our soil washing service for one option, other options revolve around the site investigation data.

Using Soilutions for soil disposal means you can keep your Duty of Care in order, and make sure you’re disposing of soils at the best price.   All you need to do now is drop us a line (0131 538 8456) and/or an e-mail.