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Soil Chemical Oxidation

Chemox involves oxidising contaminants with the purpose of reducing the concentration.

Soil Chemical Oxidation

Soilutions specialise in the treatment of contaminated soil through chemical application.  The most common form of treatment is chemical oxidation (chemox for short).  Other forms of treatment include the chemical reduction of contaminants, and enhanced natural attenuation where appropriately selected materials are injected to achieve remedial targets.

Chemox involves oxidising contaminants with the purpose of reducing the concentration.

The main benefits of Chemox are that contaminated soil and water can be treated in-situ (in the ground), and in difficult to access area.  Applying the chemical through injection lances (at pressure) essentially means that if the materials are accessible with a drill rig, then they can be treated with chemox.  As usual the suitability of chemox for your site depends on many factors.

Chemical oxidation

Soil mixing is also an effective technology for the application of chemical oxidation treatments to contaminated soil and water.

combined chemox stabilisation persulphate

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Chemox has wide ranging applications including the treatment of organic contaminants (e.g. TPH, BTEX, PCBs to name a few). The theoretical application is simple, chemox essentially destroys the contaminant. The majority of the effort put in to chemox remediation is to get the chemox to the contaminant, for ex-situ applications this is much easier, for in-situ applications chemox can be a double edged sword.

In-Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO) is predominantly used as a remediation technology for contaminants located in soils and/or waters which are difficult/expensive to access for example soils at depth or soils beneath buildings. The main benefit is that awkward to accesses materials can be treated at low cost / disturbance to the client.

Depending upon the type of soils, depth of groundwater amongst several other factors, an ISCO system can be designed to target contamination.

We’ve had good success with chemical treatment using direct push injection and soil mixing.

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