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Giant Hogweed removal guide

A guide to understand this pesky plant and how to remove it from your site/property.

Giant Hogweed removal guide


Giant Hogweed Origins

What is Giant Hogweed?

What Does Giant Hogweed Look Like?

Identifying Giant Hogweed

Is Giant Hogweed dangerous to humans?

Treating Giant Hogweed

Problems associated with Giant Hogweed

Giant Hogweed Legislation


This is not intended as a replacement for the information provided in official UK, Scottish and regional government guidance documents rather it is intended to provide practical information in a straightforward manner to allow you to understand what you are dealing with and take informed decisions.

Here we present answers to lots of your questions about Giant Hogweed removal. We also cover Giant Hogweed identification and legislation, as well as various other questions around reporting and treatment.

If you have any further questions, or if you need anything clarified, please do get in touch and we’ll be very happy to help you further.



Giant Hogweed removal

Accurately identifying an invasive weed without any prior knowledge can be tricky for the lesser green fingered amongst us, especially when there is a health risk involved. This free eBook will help educate, identify, treat and address the dangers of Giant Hogweed.